Custom Work Rules:

1.if you want to make some models being combined,that’s would cost 8000 L$.
2.if you want a totally new model,and you don’t need it to be exclusive, it will be free, you can just send me the picture of the models you want, I’ll make it and sell them on marketplace.
3.if you want a exclusive work,the lowest price will be 15000 L$ ,and the final price will be decided by the model you need.


2 thoughts on “Custom Work Rules:

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if you could make a custom design for me. I have some heels in mind (2). I am the owner of BLOKC clothing and need some new unique stuff to add to the collection. Just as a general question, I was also wondering if you made clothing.

    Please let me know, you can contact me via email or inworld notecard to Giana Paine.


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