1.How can I get the dae files ?

There is a download link in the source files version you purchased on mp or our inworld store,you can leave me the name of models you want , and leave me your email adds, and the price will be 2 times of their current selling price on mp.

2.Can I use the models in another grid ?

Yes,you can use the models in another grid,and the TOS is the same with SL.

3.Is there a photoshop file there with it?
nope,but you can easy to make it by yourself.

4.Can you make two or three models combined for me ?

nope, you can try to make it by yourself,most of models come in seprated parts,and if you can’t make it , you should see the custom work ruls:https://millionheels.com/2015/05/24/custom-work-rules/

5.Can you make a shoe/cloth/other models like XXXX ?

Yes,see custom work :https://millionheels.com/2015/05/24/custom-work-rules/

6.If a boot is made in two parts , Can I make the price of each of them half of the current selling price ?

Yes, if the current selling of a boot is 1800 L(which are made in two parts) , but you just use one part of it , then you can sell this part at 90 L or more. see the pic below:


7.Where can I get the old shoes , like the shoes’ name start with [WG] ?

You can get them here :https://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/perfect-wirefly



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