1.How can I get the dae files ?

if you want to buy dae or obj or fbx files, you can visit https://bubblesmore.com,if you can’t register , you can leave me the        name of models you want , and leave me your email adds, and the price will be 2 times of their current selling price on mp.

2.Can I use the models in another grid ?

Yes,you can use the models in another grid,and the TOS is the same with SL.

3.Is there a photoshop file there with it?
nope,but you can easy to make it by yourself.

4.Can you make two or three models combined for me ?

nope, you can try to make it by yourself,most of models come in seprated parts,and if you can’t make it , you should see the    custom work ruls:https://millionheels.com/2015/05/24/custom-work-rules/

5.Can you make a shoe/cloth/other models like XXXX ?

Yes,see custom work :https://millionheels.com/2015/05/24/custom-work-rules/

Custom Work Rules:

1.if you want to make some models being combined,that’s would cost 8000 L$.
2.if you want a totally new model,and you don’t need it to be exclusive, it will be free, you can just send me the picture of the models you want, I’ll make it and sell them on marketplace.
3.if you want a exclusive work,the lowest price will be 15000 L$ ,and the final price will be decided by the model you need.