• 1.The price can not be less than %10 of its current selling price in our marketplace store.

  • 2.You are not allowed to give this heel, or parts of them in any kind full perm away. for example ,you can not sell it in a suit unless the price ot the suit is higher than the price of the heel( at least 10% of it’s current selling price).

  • 3.To use this model to your design, you should make your own texture for it .

  • 4.You can’t give/send Millionheels items to others in any kind of full perm not even your alt account.(etc. put it into any kind of free gift or use it in free hunt),it will cause DMCA.

  • 5.You can not sell/give/send Millionheels items with copy and transfer permission both clicked at the same time.

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