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1.How can I get the dae files ?

There  is source files download links in the ‘Source files’ version on mp,or you can leave me the  name of models you want , and leave me your email adds, and the price will be 2 times of their current selling price on mp.

2.Can I use the models in another grid ?

Yes,you can use the models in another grid,and the TOS is the same with SL.

3.Is there a photoshop file there with it?
For the shoes start with [DZ] / [DM] / [ANG] / [WGN] / [XZ] , yes , there is a photoshop file with it , and you can see the description on mp .

For those old shoes start with [WG]/[O]/[B]/[BH]/[QZY]/[W],there is not a photoshop files.

4.Can you make two or three models combined for me ?

nope, you can try to make it by yourself,most of models come in separated parts,and if you can’t make it , you should see the custom work ruls:

5.Can you make a shoe/cloth/other models like XXXX ?

Yes,see custom work :

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